Call for paper submission - Special Issue "Remote Sensing of Grassland Ecosystem"

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Special Issue Information Dear Colleagues, Grassland covers 51% of the world’s land surface, and is among the most prominent biogeographic regions on the Earth for human welfare and livestock. The alpine pasture parts of grasslands are pronounced areas of high-altitude ecosystems, and are important in terms of climate change. The distribution of alpine pastures makes them fragile and sensitive to climate change, in order to ensure sustainable alpine pasture management. Nutrient rich grasslands and herbaceous vegetation play an important role in determining the grazing patterns of livestock, distribution of herbivore population, interlinkages with other trophic levels, and overall ecosystem health and stability. Common practices for detecting grass canopy properties, such as leaf area index, and biomass and chlorophyll content, require detailed sampling, biomass removal, and field settings. Because of the laborious job and inadequate data that is not representative of the population spatially, surveying and mapping techniques, like remote sensing, for estimating grass canopy properties in varying spatial and temporal scales, are therefore critical for a better understanding of grassland productivity, livestock population, and in response to the changing climate system, among other biophysical attributes. Satellite derived information can provide information to meet the requirements, through the involvement of all actors (livestock farmers and herdsmen/grazers; pastoral systems; and conservation specialists, researchers, and the mangers of protected areas). For these reasons, more research is warranted in order to better understand the capabilities and limits of the different sensor platforms and the retrieval algorithms for the inventory, monitoring, and management of grassland resources. This Special Issue is focused on advancing the range of remote sensing-based techniques for grassland characteristics, covering a wide variety of applications like carbon sequestration, vegetation–climate feedbacks, forage production, and so, but they are not limited to sites, data, and scales. We would like to invite you to submit articles about your recent research with respect to the following topics under three broad challenges. To Read More please visit the website....

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