The Importance of Females in Science, Tech, and Innovation in the African Context

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This roundtable discussion will highlight the importance of science, technology and innovation (STI) in an African context, indicating how these are the driving forces in the economic growth of especially in developing nations. This discussion will also point out the need for women to be a part of this conversation, as it will be facilitated by women in engineering, thus indicating the importance of diverse team in the tech industry. All these discussion points will be dwelling on SDGs 4 and 5 (Access to Quality Education and Gender Equality), which ultimately feed into the achievement SDGs 1, 2, 8, 9 (No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Decent Work & Economic Growth, Industry, Innovation, & Infrastructure). The importance of this discussion is that it is by Africans finding solutions for Africa. This event aims to highlight the importance of growing a collection of resources and opportunities that are aimed at increasing the attention, retention and progression of girls and women in STEM. The most important part of a tree is the part unseen, which are the roots. Many of the needs of our youth today, especially in rural and underprivileged areas goes unnoticed. FEMROOT AFRICA is here to expose these vulnerabilities and shine the light on inequalities to empower youth along the path of STEM within Africa. Our main focus is STEM as science, technology and innovation as investing in knowledge-based economy feeds also contributes to the development of a country’s economy, which directly correlates with the achievement of Global Goals by 2030.

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